What are the Requirements to Apply for a Wrecker Service in Oklahoma City?

If you are someone looking to apply for a wrecker service in Oklahoma City, there are many requirements you have to meet in order to start your business. First and foremost, your business must actually be a brick and mortar business—a physical building with an address. It cannot just be a tow truck. The building must have full phone and utility services, and basically be a functioning place where business can be conducted in person and records can be maintained. If the building where business is conducted is leased and not owned, the applicant must supply the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety‚Äôs Wrecker Services Division with a copy of that lease with their application.

Speaking of the application, an Oklahoma Wrecker/Towing Service License has a very detailed one. There are two types of wrecker licenses a person or business can apply for: a Class G license or a Class AA license. Class G is a general wrecker license, meaning that those trucks cannot tow for law enforcement. Class AA, then, is a license that allows trucks to tow for law enforcement. Class AA may also be used for private property towing and consent towing.

Once the person or business has decided which license to apply for, they must provide basic contact information for the business (including all information about the physical location of the business, as mentioned above) and ownership information. That includes the contact information for all parties, whether the ownership be individual, a partnership, or a corporation. All employees of the business must be vetted on the application as well, and anyone with a past felony, larceny charge, or theft or untruthfulness charge will not be allowed to operate or work for a wrecker or tow truck company. The information for all trucks (type, make, model, year, and VIN) must also be provided outright, and the document must be notarized.

This is, of course, a summary of the basic requirements for applying for a Wrecker/Towing Service License in the state of Oklahoma or its capital city. This is not necessarily the only license a person or persons would need in order to get their wrecker service in business. The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety has a very detailed manual for its Wrecker & Towing Services Division here for your perusal before and (hopefully) after your application has been approved.

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What are the Requirements to Apply for a Wrecker Service in Oklahoma City?