Will SB424 Result in More DUIs in Oklahoma City?

After a long drawn out battle over Senate Bill 424, as of August 2016, brewers can now sell their high point beer on premises. The craft beer scene has taken America by storm, and finally beer connoisseurs all over Oklahoma can now be happy being hoppy.

Beer drinkers can pick up bottles, 4 packs, 6 packs, enjoy a pint or grab a growler at their favorite local brewer. Drinking at the brewery gives people a great opportunity to learn more about the beer and drink it in a funky environment. Sometimes there is even a view of the brewing equipment or an opportunity to speak with the brewmaster.

This is obviously going to help improve the local economy and help local business owners, but will it lead to more DUI charges?

Does craft beer cause DUIs or accidents?

The high point beer can creep up on you. This is not a “problem” with the beer but individuals may get a little carried away with their IPA. Once someone gets a little tipsy they may have a friend pick them up or they may get a little overconfident and try driving themselves. Once on the road while under the influence they may find themselves pulled over. If you find yourself in such a predicament you need to contact an experienced Oklahoma City DUI lawyer.

In other cases an intoxicated driver may actually cause an accident. Other attorneys have pointed out that in some cases bars may be held liable for car accidents and injuries. This happens when a brewery or other establishment serves someone who is obviously intoxicated.

The beer doesn’t actually cause the DUIs or accidents, drivers do.

Do I really need a DUI lawyer?

Craft brew can be found all over Oklahoma City. Dead Armadillo, Anthem Brewing, COOP, Elk Valley and Iron Monk are just a few establishments now serving delicious drinks. However, if you find yourself charged with DUI in Oklahoma City after drinking this beer or any other liquor you will want to do yourself a huge favor and hire a DUI or DWI attorney. If this is your first DUI and nobody was hurt, you are lucky but could still do 6 months in a prison cell without an attorney. An attorney will help you navigate this situation and the courts and can assist you in getting your citation reduced or dismissed. This will save you time and money.

Regardless of the situation you probably can’t afford not to have an attorney.

Will SB424 Result in More DUIs in Oklahoma City?